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Men's & Women's Bible Studies

Bible Studies are offered almost every day for both men and women. The Bible studies are designed to help new Christians grow in their faith. We utilize the Prison Fellowship Discipleship books or we may have topical study based on the needs of the inmates for that day. Our Bible studies always have good interaction and discussion, but our One source of Truth is always Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Dad's In Touch

Dad's In Touch uses the Men's Fraternity curriculum. Participants discuss the Biblical definition of manhood. Being a Chrisitan male does not mean they cannot be strong men, but instead means they need to be strong. Participants learn how to lead their children differently than how they were led as a child.

Moms In Touch

Moms in Touch is offered to the women and is facilitated by Karen Adams and Angie Ingebretsen. This program is designed to bring women together to pray for their own (and others') children. The class also has a teaching for that particular day along with time for prayer. Our future goal is to offer a Dads in Touch program also. We are waiting on God for the right men to step up to this challenge.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is another program offered to both men and women. Celebrate Recovery is a faith based addiction recovery program which originated at Saddleback Church. We use the Celebrate Recovery workbook and the Bible to uncover truths, which are then explained and discussed, that need to be applied to an individual's life to help them overcome their addictions.

Anger Management

This program is led by a volunteer licensed professional counselor who is certified to lead this class. He is using an APA approved curriculum so if the participants are court ordered to attend they can receive credit. The program incorporates Biblical scriptures and the participants invest time and prayer for each others' needs and concerns.

Alpha Program

This program investigates the questions questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life, the afterlife, the promises of Jesus and more. This program gives participants an opportunity to get beyond religion and into a realtionship with Jesus that can truly transform their life.

Church Services

Church services are offered to both men and women on Saturday nights at the Cass County Jail. Our worship services include a time of singing, testimonies and the preaching of the Word of God. Church services are usually well attended and we endeavor to start a practice of Church attendance in the inmates, which will continue when they are released from the jail.

Knitting Class

A knitting class is taught by Susan Larson once a week.Classes are offered for both men and women.

One on One Counseling

Male and female inmates may request to see the Chaplain. The spiritual needs of the inmates are diverse. Jail Chaplains Ministry wants to help the inmates through any problems and difficulties that they may face while incarcerated. We cannot meet the inmates' needs, but we can and do point them to Jesus Christ, and also offer prayer and spiritual counseling so they can find their help and comfort in Him and the Holy Bible.