Wil's Story

For over 30 years this organization has ministered to the inmates at the Cass County Jail. Approximately 7,000 people a year pass through the doors of the jail. They are our neighbors, family and friends. POJCA exists to provide quality, caring, effective and professional ministry to inmates and law enforcement personnel.

Wil is one of those individuals. His life has been dramatically changed by Jesus.

I graduated from North High School in 2004. Lacking direction and motivation I began using drugs. In a very short time I wasn’t able to pay my rent and was evicted. With nowhere to go, I moved in with a friend and slept on the floor of his trailer home. Having no money to pay rent or buy food I began selling drugs. Unknowingly, I was set up during a drug buy. Unhappy with life here, I moved to New York thinking things would be better there. But after a year in the big city I decided to come back to Fargo. When I returned some friends told me my name and picture were in the “most wanted” paper. This paper publishes names and pictures of people that are wanted in the Fargo/Moorhead area. I decided to turn myself in. I was charged with a 2nd class A felony and sentenced to 9 months in the Cass County Jail.

Wil shares the impact of Jail Chaplains, how it lead to freedom and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

I had already applied to attend barber school so the Jail Administration allowed me to start under the Jail Work Release Program. This program also allowed me the opportunity to attend a loving church, where I attended Sunday School, Celebrate Recovery on Tuesday nights, and Bible Study on Wednesday nights. I wanted my life to change but didn’t know how. I made many new friends and learned about God’s love and forgiveness. Chaplain Mike, Chaplain Ron, Chaplain Kirk, and Tyler all helped teach me about Jesus. This gave me hope that I could begin a new life with Christ’s help.

In July 2007 I was released from jail and my life changed! I continue to attend church. I have graduated from barber school becoming the first black barber to be licensed in the state of North Dakota. I even own my own barber shop - Skill Cutz Barber Shop. A year and a half ago I was so lost and broken. I could only dream of the life that God has given me. Thank you for opening your hearts and lives to me. None of this would have been possible without the Lord.