Knitting Class

The Jail Chaplains team provides a weekly program for both men and women to knit.  Are you wondering how that can be when the pointed knitting needles could be weapons for the inmates to harm one another?  

The leadership at the jail was willing to think outside of the box to make this opportunity available for the inmates.  Here is how the knitting program works:  A team of 3-4 volunteers spend their Thursday afternoons at the Cass County Jail.  First female inmates come to the programs room for an hour of knitting.  At the end of the hour their projects are each packaged into a zip lock bag, labeled with their name and put into a tote until the following week.  The women are escorted back to their housing unit.

Next the males come to the programs room for Fiber Mechanics (alternate title for the male knitters to reduce the ribbing they got from other inmates).  The men also knit for one hour while listening to hip hop Christian music DVD’s, just like the women in the hour before them.  

Most often the participants in the Knitting and Fiber Mechanics programs work on a project which they create for a loved one.  Frequently a knitter will tell the volunteers it is the first beautiful project they have completed with their own hands.  Can you imagine the feeling of accomplishment that would bring to the individual?